Over 350,000 listeners each week tune in to Chattanooga’s Traffic Team

VWTrafficCenter.com’s reports are heard by over 350,000 listeners each week during morning and afternoon drive — plus additional television exposure! No one reaches more potential customers, produces more results, than the Chattanooga Traffic Team!


Why Traffic Report Sponsorship?

  • 70% of Americans claim there is more traffic than a year ago
  • 39% of Americans spend more time in their cars than just one year ago
  • Americans average 27 hours stuck in traffic each year
  • The average commute time has increased 13.8% from just ten years ago
  • Americans spend 11 hours in their cars every Monday through Friday
  • Listeners tend to pay more attention to traffic reports and, coincidentally, their sponsors
  • Sponsorship messages effectively amplify the reach and frequency of a modest marketing budget

Traffic: Different from Radio…

  • Traffic report sponsorships naturally provide reach and frequency
  • One Call, One Contact — your message delivered over numerous broadcast outlets
  • No production or talent fees
  • Flexibility to change copy and/or run multiple scripts as needed with short lead time
  • Traffic reports air, naturally, in drive-time
  • Message typically consists of an opening billboard, traffic report, and sponsorship of 10 seconds in length, live read and/or pre-recorded


Why VWTrafficCenter.com?

VWTrafficCenter.com delivers up-to-the-minute Traffic Reports to 14 of the Chattanooga area’s leading Radio and Television broadcast outlets. Contact Us to learn more about putting VWTrafficCenter.com Sponsorship messages to work for your business! Click here to view a list of testimonials from our clients.